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About Us
Welcome to Systech
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About Us

About Systech Middle East

Since its inception in 2009, Systech Middle East combines passion and integrity to deliver excellence in life experiences through Audio Visual, Pro Audio, Lighting and Security solutions in the region. Systech engineers solutions to touch lives by enhancing and improving daily experiences by connecting humans with innovative technology. Today, more than 80 million people
enjoy Systech’s solutions yearly through lifestyle and professional experiences throughout our partner’s venues across the GCC and the Middle East.

Our Solutions

Pro Audio

Audio components developed into integrated systems in every possible facility.

Pro Lighting

Systech provide a wide range of professional lighting products. Our lighting know-how will help you to provide the ultimate professional lighting solution for you project.

ELV & Integrated security

If you are looking for the best combinations of ELV infrastructure and security systems, then we are sure Systech will meet your needs.

Stage Engineering

Stage engineering is an integral part of large projects that require professional audio, video and lighting solutions.


Accompanying the world’s shift into digital and soft solutions, the educational sector is taking a big leap forward to catch up with the new era of technologies.


Systech covers the TV studio and production houses market through comprehensive and advanced lighting and audio systems.

Audio-Visual solutions

Systech specializes in high-quality Audio-visual products and offers its clients a wide array of video solutions tailor-made for their specific needs.


Our knowledge in our areas of specialty leads our constant search for solutions and new accessory requirements.

Sectors We Serve

We provide unmatched Audio, Video, Lighting and Automation experience throughout various environments and we excel at providing an integrated service to Government, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Retail and more.

Our Partners

Systech takes pride in introducing our long-term partners, who are manufacturers of some of the world’s most prominent solutions in the audiovisual, lighting and security industry.