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Since its inception in 2009, Systech Middle East combines passion and integrity to deliver excellence in life experiences through Audio Visual, Pro-Audio, Pro-Lighting and Security solutions in the region.Systech engineers solutions to touch lives by enhancing and improving daily experiences by connecting humans with innovative technology.Today, more than 80 million people enjoy Systech’s solutions yearly through lifestyle and professional experiences throughout our partner’s venues across the GCC and the Middle East.

Through innovation, passion and experience, Systech is proudly a prominent industry leader in Audio-Visual, Pro Audio, Lighting and security solutions in the GCC and Middle East.

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Diversity in Expertise & Products

Certified & Experienced Team

As front runners in the audiovisual, pro audio, lighting and security industry, we offer a full range of services, including technical expertise, to provide your business with the highest quality products for the most rewarding outcomes.

At Systech, we believe that creating exceptional and memorable life experiences for people is what matters. Our extensive experience in commercial Audio-Visual, Pro Audio, Pro-Lighting and Security Systems equips us with the tools and know-how to meet and exceed your business requirements.

Systech is your project’s single point of contact with integrated services and expertise of multiple international suppliers.

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