SYSTECH ME, offers complete solutions in the following sectors:

Pro Audio & Lighting Systems

Audio components are a must in every possible facility or intended project. Stages, theaters, stadiums, shopping centers, sports arenas and many other facilities, all require audio systems that will cooperate in boosting their performance standards. Systech stays in regular contact with its major suppliers and manufacturers all around the world in order to provide cutting-edge audio technology and related technical materials in the following segments:

  • Public Address Systems
  • Acoustic Systems
  • Professional Audio Systems
  • Conference Systems
  • System Design
  • Project Management


Audiovisual Solutions

Systech focuses on high-quality visual products and offers its clients a wide line array of audio-video solutions from the top brands in the world including Meyer Sound systems, Rode, Amag, Sennheiser same as Clay Parky Led, Christie projectors and Chauvet lighting, all tailor-made for their specific needs in stage lighting, architectural lighting and professional audio. Our video services cover different areas involving stage engineering varying from entertainment (such as cinemas, entertainment centers, etc), to corporate headquarters (video projection, conference rooms, etc), hospitality (ball rooms and nightclubs, etc), TV Stations (cameras, video mixers, etc) and institutional venues (Government, Museums, libraries, etc). Systech offers the best in:

  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • Interactive Tables
  • Video Conferencing
  • Projection Systems
  • Video Wall Systems
  • Command and Control Rooms
  • System Design
  • Project Management


Theatrical & Arch. Lighting

Systech specializes in Intelligent and Architectural Lighting through a wide range of high performance luminaires coordinated for architectural lighting and performance applications. Our lighting expertise will help you turn any structure into a landmark with elegant aesthetics and stylishly designed lights. Our Intelligent and Performance Lighting transformed many venues into spectacular settings including museums, nightclubs, theaters, concerts, restaurants, malls, TV studios and many more. Our lighting work encompasses the following systems:

  • Intelligent Lighting Systems
  • Architectural Lighting Systems
  • Studio Lighting
  • Professional Lighting
  • Theaters & Auditoriums Lighting
  • System Design
  • Project Management



At Systech we strive to provide TV stations and production houses with comprehensive and advanced broadcasting systems. Our specialized team supplies customers with most up-to-date technologies and implements the latest techniques, enabling them to pioneer in their fields by solidifying their technical and operational broadcasting base. Our A to Z broadcasting solutions cover a series of systems including:

  • Studio Lighting
  • Rigging Systems
  • ENG Camera Systems
  • Video Systems
  • MCR Systems
  • System Design
  • Project Management



Accompanying the world’s shift into digital and soft solutions, the educational sector is taking a big leap forward to catch up with the new era of technologies. Systech collaborates with major universities and schools who invest in cohesive digital education strategies in order to improve their student’s learning process and increase their ability to interact and absorb information with smart solutions and latest technology. Our technology-enabled products comprise a comprehensive series of innovations including:

  • Interactive Classes
  • Video Conferencing
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Language Lab
  • Capture Class
  • Audio Systems
  • Translation Systems
  • Public Address
  • Projection System
  • Voting System
  • Master Clock
  • School Management Systems


Security & Low Current

If you are looking for the best combinations of Infrastructure Security & Low Current Systems then we are sure Systech will meet your needs. Our high-performance Integrated Security and Low Current Systems allow you to stay in full control of your premises whether it is residential, corporate, institutional, public or private. Systech’s Integrated Security and Low Current Systems are all backed-up by innovative and cutting-edge products and complemented with excellent customer service. Our range of Security & Low Current Systems includes:

  • Integrated Security Management System
  • Access Control System
  • CCTV System
  • Intrusion & Perimeter Detection System
  • Gate Barriers, Road Blockers and Turnstiles
  • RFID System
  • Guard Tour System
  • Time & Attendance System
  • Passive & Active Tel & Data Infrastructure
  • Audio / Video Intercom System
  • SMATV & IPTV System
  • Master Clock System
  • Parking Guidance and Management System
  • System Design
  • Project Management



Systech not only provides its clients with the innovative systems but also covers their accessorial needs and supplies them with leading edge components to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

  • Trusses Systems
  • Chain Hoists and Controller
  • Portable Stages
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Ethernet & DMX Various Solutions
  • Control & Automation Systems
  • Custom-Built Distribution Boxes
  • Smoke Machines


Stage Engineering Systems

Exceptional stages are the reason behind every successful event and the ultimate path to wow the crowd. Systech stays up-to-date with the world’s on-going innovations by renowned suppliers in stage solution while keeping in tune with client’s needs and objectives. We are set to provide you with the best products ranging from simple stage hardware to highly sophisticated stage systems including:

  • Electrical / Manual chain hoist
  • Orchestra Pit Systems
  • Lighting Bars
  • Drapes Systems
  • Control System
  • Project Design & Management


Interior & Acoustic Treatment

  • Acoustic Treatment for theaters, auditoriums, cinemas….
  • Acoustic Study.
  • Decorative Solutions using acoustic panels, special furnitures, carpets …..
  • Wall, Ceiling and Ground Treatment.
  • Fabrics, Woods and Gypsum Solutions.
  • Turnkey Solution including Design and Execution for theaters and auditoriums.


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