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Helvia DEKO-25TBK

Pair of 2.5″ full-range compact loudspeaker, black

$ 65.00

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This full-range speaker for the fixed-installation market is the result of the perfect combination of elegant and refined design, compactness, and superior quality sound. It is made for any indoor environment (available in both black and white color) and it adapts to any domestic or non-domestic installation solution, such as multi-room audio systems, meeting sales, shops.

DEKO-25 compact series speakers feature a 2.5” (63mm approx.) full-range transducer with high dynamic excursion, and reinforced paper cone. RMS power is 30W @ 8ohm. The Deko-25T model integrates a 100V line transformer for quick integration into constant voltage lines. The 100V power tap is 6W@100V.

The compact size of this woofer let us make a speaker of only 87x94x94cm, able to integrate into any interior without compromising sound quality. Whether it is a domestic environment or a bar or shop, if combined with one or more subwoofers with a cut around 100-150Hz, it is possible to obtain an excellent result in terms of coverage and audio quality.

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