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Helvia STILE 400H-SET

STILE 400H-SET Professional Gooseneck Super-Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Base

$ 70.00

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STILE 400H SET is composed of a 400mm Mini-shotgun Super-Cardioid Microphone and a robust 490g (ca. 17.28oz.) microphone base (batteries excluded) for maximum stability even in the case of accidental bumps on the microphone.

The solid connection of the microphone to the base is assured by a 3-pin CESS Aviation connector with safety thread, which eliminates any movements of the microphone. The internal circuit of the base offers outstanding rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI), an electronic switch with LED, and internal 3V or external 10-48V Phantom Power.

The mini-shotgun microphone delivers high-level performance, control, and flexibility for meetings and conferences. Its high-quality cartridge with super-cardioid polar pattern delivers good control in difficult acoustic conditions. The result is superior voice capture and lower pickup of room noise compared to standard cardioid gooseneck microphones. The bend at bottom allows precise placement.

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