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Helvia ZEUS 804X

4-CH Low-Impedance 4x800W Power Amplifiers with Crossover

$ 1,165.00

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ZEUS X Series is ideal for low-impedance multi-channel installations with power ratings between 200W and 800W RMS @ 8ohm per channel. It is a 4-channel, Class-H series with excellent sound and maximum reliability. It is possible to use in Stereo, Parallel and Bridge mode (CH1-2 / CH3-4).

Each channel integrates a crossover with a low-pass filter, for use with both full-range systems and subwoofers, without the need for external processors. The protection system includes the signal limiter, on-off muting, DC-offset detection, thermal protection, and current limiting. The cooling system is extremely efficient and controls the speed of the two fans in order to ensure excellent noise reduction.

The quality of copper used for power transformer, the selected capacitors and power transistors, and the precision of filters make ZEUS X Series amplifiers absolutely stable, reliable in any installation or live application.

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